The Cobra Hairstyle circa 1957…bangs with a bite

Just in time for Halloween…I just happen to be leafing through a vintage 1957 American Hairdresser magazine yesterday, looking for something completely unrelated to Halloween. And then I cam across this beauty of an article about M. Louis Advanced Hair Design Institute’s new hair vogue. The “cobra cut”, they explain, gives us an ultra feminine appeal and can be worn with short, medium, or long hair and can be worn with tailored, pageboy, swept up, or sleek hairstyles.

I have to agree. This is a cool looking fringe style and I can just imagine how cool it would look with a black 1950s evening gown. I’ve seen this bang hairstyle on a few actresses in the 1930s, but other than a thing Vampira did with her hair after a bad hairstyling accident, I haven’t seen anything like this on a woman of the 1950s. I’m sure it is probably on an extra somewhere in a movie based in New York like Auntie Mame or something. Has anyone seen these bangs on a woman in the 1950s?

Unfortunately, this magazine is missing the tear-out it use to include which had a photograph of a woman with this hairstyle. Sad face. But here are the scans of the whole storie, that includes a nice diagram and description of the parting pattern.






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  • Helen Mae
    October 9, 2016

    This is a seriously cool hairstyle. I’d have guessed it was much more modern than 1957, it looks like a psychobilly hairstyle to me.

  • Petra
    November 14, 2016

    The forehead reminds me of the Romulans, Star Trek TNG/DS9 era.