Cordelia roller set using the Rockin' Rollers

The Cordelia hairstyle! Learn vintage waves with this video tutorial.

Cordelia means heart. I named the Cordelia hairstyle for a few reasons. It's symmetry and silhouette reminds me of the ...
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Demystifying Pin Curls

In today’s world of retro beauty, there are hundreds of resources offering directions on recreating the old glamour we all ...
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Vintage wet set with the Primrose pin curl set!

The Primrose Pin Curl Set! This tutorial video, which is only about 11 minutes long, will give you a very ...
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Frederick of Hollywood color wigs advertisement

Creative vintage wig hair color in the 1950s and 1960s included blue, purple, and aqua!

Daring bright fashion hair colors were more common than you thought in the 1950s and 1960s. We forget that sometimes ...
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Suicide Hair roll

How to tutorial video: Upright Suicide Roll

The suicide roll is a modern pin-up look, but gets its inspiration from the 1940s victory roll. This is an ...
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continuous roll tutorial 1940s vintage hairstyle

Techniques for a 1940s Continuous Roll Hairstyle

The continuous roll was a hairstyle popular in the 1940s. The illustration below refers to it as a chevron style. The ...
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Vintage Updo for the holidays or New Year’s Eve!

We all deserve to give ourselves a little extra beauty attention at the holidays by doing a vintage updo for ...
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The Cobra Hairstyle circa 1957…bangs with a bite

Just in time for Halloween...I just happen to be leafing through a vintage 1957 American Hairdresser magazine yesterday, looking for ...
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Short hair fingerwave vintage hairstyle 1920s 1930s Great Gatsby wedding mother of the bride01

This Mother of the Bride with short hair beautifully models her vintage hairstyle for the wedding

This Mother of the Bride came to see me yesterday at the studio because she wanted to do a practice ...
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