Hello! Welcome to the Bobby Pin Blog.


I started this blog in 2010 out of a quandary I had at the time. After writing my first book, I continued my styling and researching and own personal growth on the subject of vintage and vintage-inspired beauty and cosmetology.

I kept building a library of information devoted to it, but I had nowhere to share it. The book had already been printed. I wasn’t going to go back and rewrite it every time I found something new to share.

And I always have and continue to find little bits and pieces that are fascinating, at least to me. 🙂 And for a subject that is steeped in mimicking something that has already happened, it is amazing how new it can be and how quickly our interpretations of it can change.

So here at the Bobby Pin Blog I try to do all of those things. I share the new things I learn, I teach anything I think is helpful to you the reader, and I try to best interpret the changing world of vintage-inspired beauty.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


aka Vintage Hairstyling Lauren
aka Lauren Rennells