Halloween Costume Idea for the Vintage Lifestyler

Every year I try to come up with ideas for Halloween costumes for those of us that love vintage and want to incorporate it into our costumes in creative ways.

There are some more obvious ones like recreating a favorite movie character like Marion Crane from Psycho or Melanie Daniels from The Birds. A couple years ago I wrote about an Atomicpunk costume idea that incorporates science fiction from the Atomic Era of the late 1940s through the mid 1960s.

This year I was reminded in a Pinterest adventure of these great images of female mugshots.I thought this would make a great Halloween costume…vintage female mugshots.

Keep in mind these women are innocent until proven guilty, but I still make up backstories to how these ladies ended up in front of the police department’s notorious camera.

And you could make that part of your costume! Incorporate what you were arrested for into the costume!

Suspect #1

Whoever this woman is, I think she has been at this questionable lifestyle for a long time…arrested maybe for working in the black market selling nylons?

Suspect #2

This young woman was arrested with her hair beautifully done and a full face of makeup. She might just be a lady of the night.

Suspect #3

I imagine she was the secretary for someone up to no good and was arrested in a raid on the office.

Suspect #4

Her letterboard actually tells us what she was arrested for…Check Forgery.

Suspect #5

Arrested at the beauty salon?! Bummer.

The main costume part would be the greyscale makeup and the mugshot letterboard. There are quite a few greyscale black and white makeup tutorials on YouTube. Here’s one from the very talented and adorable ahitsrosa.

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