Dilemma solved…Get a new hat that goes with your vintage outfit.

I have the problem. She has the problem. And even some he’s have the problem. I love vintage hats and see so many in the stores that I would love to wear, but I run into the same problem as vintage dresses. They are usually too small for my head.

And now it is Fall, perfect hat weather. So I scoured around for cute new hats to go with my vintage that might actually fit over my overgrown noggin.

This first hat from JJ’s House is in a perfect Fall color and is petite enough to wear with just about any hairstyle.


Here’s another hat from JJs House. It has more coverage than the first one and no netting, but it is in my favorite color of black, black, and more black.


This cream and Black hat from JJs House is so mod. I don’t care if it is white after Labor Day.


This Lucy Cloche hat from Connerhats.com is definitely a full coverage hat.


This Hatch felt fedora from Overstock.com is so Annie Hall. I love androgynous 1930s and 1940s looks.


HatSanity on Etsy is a Chinese company. I would not normally suggest encouraging those types of companies, but this one actually fits the site…sort of. They sell base models, simple felt hats in many colors that are actually for crafters. You buy the simple hat and then decorate as you wish for things like cosplay. This beret hat from HatSanity on Etsy comes in a bunch of colors and looks more vintage to me than a lot of the other berets being sold right now. It is less militant looking. They have a bunch of other deigns as well worth checking out.


Everyone who reads this blog, knows I love turbans. This turban beanie from Target.com is simple and would be great with jeans and a sweater.


For very warm options, I really like these 2 beanies from Sundancecatalog.com. The Rhapsody Cloche and Lumi Hat really make me think of like Edwardian art nouveau.


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1 Comment
  • Tam Francis
    October 22, 2016

    I WANT everyone one of those hats. Maybe not the turbans. I have the opposite problem, I have such a small head, turbans make me look like a pinhead. But all the others. YES! So cute!

    Thanks for the hook-up with so many hat sites!

    That reminds me, I don’t put my fictional characters in enough hats. Must remember to add hats to the next story. Woo hoo! Thanks!