Lablache Face Powder 1911 Advertisement

Lablache Face Powder
The Woman Beautiful
who owes her clear, fair complexion to Lablache, anticipates with pleasure the social functions of winter. No boudoir equipment can be complete without Lablache, the great beautifier, invisible though adherent, Lablache complexions retain that smooth, velvety appearance of youth and refinement. Its delicate fragrance is always a delight.
Refuse substitutes. They may be dangerous. Flesh, White, Pink or Cream, 50c. a box, of druggists or by mail. Send 10c. for sample box.
Ben Levy CO.
French Perfumers Dept E
125 Kingston St., Boston, Mass.
And I love that today’s technology allows me to go to the address on old advertisements and see what it looks like now. It pleases me to know that in the building in this google image 100 years ago there was a cosmetics company devoted to classic beauty.
125 Kingston St.
Historical home to Lablache Face Powder

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  • Lisa
    July 18, 2014

    Neat. I’ve never thought of doing that before.