Ode to the Shower Cap…We have much more stylish options now

Here is a very cute blast from the past illustrating a very important tool in the vintage hair arsenal.

…the shower cap…

I have a basic shower cap from the beauty store that has served me well, but there isn’t anything really special about it. It keeps my hair dry and that is about all I can say about it. When Glenda from HappyCaps offered to send me one of her custom shower caps to review for the blog, I jumped on the opportunity.

She has designs on her site, happycap.co.uk, but she also can create something based on exactly what you want for color and theme. You can also get the cap beautifully gift wrapped if you want to buy one as a gift.

This lovely piece is called Ice Cream Sunday and when it arrived it smelled like girly heaven. It came in a pretty little purple organza bag to store it and protect it when not using and had an adorable ice cream sunday recipe attached to it. Each piece comes with a special persoanl touch like a poem.

The cap is full of little details like a beautiful lace border, embroidered flowers, bows and cerise roses. There are 2 layers to the cap, a waterproof 1950’s aqua interior covered by a transparent white layer on top so that the interior aqua shows thru and it really does look like dessert. The layers really make them feel more luxurious compared to your basic vinyl cap.

Nothing makes getting ready more fun than a little luxury, something above your basic routine.

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1 Comment
  • Tori Benick
    June 28, 2013

    How cute, love the retro commercial! I also just bought your beauty book, my goodness I’m in love! 🙂