Recent Sightings of Vintage Hair and Makeup Tools on Ebay

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Some of my latest wants on Ebay these days…click the titles to go…
Vintage Hair dryer/Nail dryer combo…There are many reasons this is so special. For one it dries your nails and your hair, but also is a great color combo. Note the red base with gold speckles, very unique, but very of the time. I also adore the black, red and gold polka dots and beautiful alligator black case with red lining. This is a swanky looking dryer. 
This early 20th century Theatrical makeup tin is really interesting. The description inaccurately claims the tin is from 1902, which is impossible because one of the pictures mentions the 1906 FDA on the label, but the style of the tin definitely puts it right in the first decade. I’ll assume the makeup company started in 1902. 
The canister educationally names the colors that this particular makeup came in for any actor’s needs for any part s/he played-
White (probably pure white with no color, not caucasian)
Light Pink
Dark Pink
Darker Pink
Dark Brunette
Juvenile Flesh (That sounds like veal.)
Healthy Old Age
Dark Sunburn
Sallow Old Age (probably green or blue color cast)
Othello (I love their politically correct vernacular.)
Chinese (I’d love to see what they considered the difference between Chinese and Japanese skin color.)

Vintage Mod-Glow makeup mirror and case...How can you say no to orange?

1960s Make-up Tray/Mirror combo…with plenty of cute spaces for your brushes, liners, and lipsticks…and a snug mirror to fit.

This Pink Vintage Hair Brush has some dings and scratches, but it is so pretty.

Oh Norelco…providing the metro-sexual of yesteryear with all of his styling tool needs. Norelco Mod Comb

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