Product Review – Layrite Pomades and Grooming Spray

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Here is my next product review installment. These products come from Hawleywoods and the product line is called Layrite, one of the first new products formulated to get the old look. The Hawleywoods website does a great job in providing information and a map for the closest product carrier in your area or you can order online. Layrite’s products are formulated to work together for the best results.

The first step is Layrite Grooming Spray. Buy your own bottle or steal it from your boyfriend because it is awesome. Their grooming spray is a wet styling spray, much the same way we use styling creme or setting lotion before we dry our hair. Spray a descent amount of it in towel dried hair and dry hair as you normally would.I like it for men or women. The scent is clean and only slightly masculine, but once you apply your pomade or spray in your hairspray and put on your Haydria perfume, no one will be the wiser. Haydria has now moved to Etsy by the way. It gives a tremendous amount of volume and shine and after you are done spraying and rubbing it through your hair it miraculously leaves no sticky residue on your hands. I tried it on one of my mannequins for a blow-out and I don’t think Miss Suzie-Kin has ever had such a voluminous hairstyle which is a great start for a full pompadour.

One more great use I found for us girls…heat styling. Just playing around to see what it could do, I found that it is great with hot rollers, hot sticks, and curling irons. With hot rollers it offered a tremendous amount of body and shine and hold to a hot roller set I did on one of my mannequin heads. To test it more, I did one of the hot rollers without any spray. That curl was lifeless and limp compared to the rollers I did with the spray. This is getting added to my permanent kit.

Getting on to their pomades, there are 2 strengths, their original pomade and super hold pomade.
The original pomade is lighter in weight, but it still has a definite purpose. These pomade products are more for styling pompadours, D.A.’s, and greasing back men’s styles. They are okay for a wet set or strong hold curl, but are a little heavy for a simple anti-frizz application because they are formulated to tame curls, not boost them. If you have a wet set that you just can’t tame and it is way to big and curly, this is a really good one for bringing your hair back into reality. If you have a delicate curl from heat styling or your curl limps easily, this may be too much for your hair to handle.

You apply an ample amount for a men’s style, which is determined by the hair you are working on and the texture and hold you need. It is best to start small, like a half a tablespoon and work your way up, rubbing it in your hands to get it more pliable, although it is already pretty pliable out of the jar.The original is great for fine men’s hair and shorter medium thickness men’s hairstyles. It holds well.

Their super hold pomade isn’t messing around. If your beau has thick hair or a very high style, this pomade will hold it.

You can see a slight difference in the color, but it doesn’t do the difference justice. It is much stronger in hold than the original. If the hair is thick, it holds. If the hair is fine, it may be a little too much unless you are going for something psychobilly. It will do a good job if you want something really high.

What is amazing is how clear they both are and they both look like gel, but they don’t leave that really sticky gel film that is down right painful to the person you are trying to apply it to. They don’t dry, so you can just keep on combing until it reaches the form you want.


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  • Shrinky Inky
    May 28, 2010

    I use layrite original and hubby uses superhold. i love that it washes out. I hadn’t tried the grooming spray yet so i’ll pick some up next time i’m at the salon! thanks for the tips 🙂

  • Frankie
    May 28, 2010

    As a barber I have kept Layrite around for some time now not just in my shop but for my own personal use. All I can say is they are good products…I especially love there shave products!

  • mre
    May 28, 2010

    Love your blog! Your pomade advice is really invaluable since that info is hard to come by these days. Do you ever discuss here or in your book the best haircut to get for versatility in vintage hairstyling?

  • sweetpralinemadness
    May 29, 2010

    I’ve been trying to make my hair flip. Sort of that 60’s Jackie O look. For some reason I’m having a difficult time getting it to stay. Any suggestions on product that might help? I’d really appreciate any advice.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  • tiddleywink
    May 30, 2010

    I’m loving this series! Thank you so much for the reviews, descriptions, and clear photography. My beau had been running Fiber Grease which was far too expensive for me to steal from him, but he’s switched to Cock Grease and I’m curious about your opinion of it used as a gal’s product. I hope it shows up in a future review!

  • jewlover2
    June 3, 2010

    Inky, that’s my issues w/ other pomades. I just can’t get the right amount of shine w/out it weighing my fine hair down with a pomade that isnt water soluable. So I am a huge advocate of Layrite. However, I agree w/ lauren that it is not really good for heated sets like dry pincurls or hot rollers since it’s a bit heavy.