Bun like Mildred Pierce circa 1943

Mildred Pierce from 1945 is one of my favorite noir films of all time. And Kate Winslet did a wonderful job in the mini series remake of it for HBO. I highly suggest watching both.

For today’s vintage hair tip, here is a little piece from an old hair magazine. Joan Crawford wore a bun similar to this in her Academy Award winning role as Mildred Pierce in the movie of the same name.

vintage hairstyle bun mildred pierce final


Here is a quick break down of how it was created. Comb the back of your hair straight down and take a strand of hair from both sides at the nape of the neck and tie in a knot in the middle. Use a bobby pin to help hold this knot. Tuck the ends under the knot.Divide the hair sticking out of the bottom into 2 sections. This hair can either be set in stand-up pin curls for a truly vintage hair-do or use a curling iron or hot rollers to achieve the bend in the hair strands for easy manage. Roll the hair over, to the side, and under to form the continuous bun and pin in place.




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  • Cybelesays
    October 17, 2008

    ahhh, another style to try! it is not easy to do. thanks for the step by step.

  • Roxanne
    March 16, 2009

    How do you do the top front part? It seems seamless–I can’t tell where (or when!) that tucks in.


  • Roxanne
    March 16, 2009

    Oops–forgot to click on the email box so I can see your answer!

  • Genesis
    September 4, 2010

    How do you DO the front? I tried and tried it and cant seem to figure it out… O_o